Slow Flow with Yoga Nidra

4pm – 5:15pm

Symmetry Yoga
1708 Park St , Suite 130A, Alameda CA 94501

Slow and deep. Spacious and luxurious. The asana portion of this class begins with active movements performed slowly to warm the body, increase circulation, and focus the mind. We then move to inward practices such as breathing exercises and meditation to balance and center.The final portion of the class is devoted to the healing practice of Yoga Nidra. Similar to a guided meditation, Yoga Nidra is a journey inward, progressively leading practitioners to the deep, quiet layers of the self. Yoga Nidra calms the mind, restores the nervous system, and increases resilience. You will leave refreshed, revitalized, and invigorated!

First-time students are welcome.

Slow Flow Detox

6:30pm – 7:30pm

Brooklyn Academy Roots
300 4th St, Oakland CA 94607

Slow and deep. Spacious and luxurious. Come restore and rejuvenate in this all levels class. Active practices to cleanse and detoxify are followed by inward poses that balance and center. Wind down with extended deep relaxation, breath work, and meditation, leaving you rested, revitalized, and ready to start the week!

Hatha Flow

7:30pm – 8:45pm

Brooklyn Academy Roots
300 4th St, Oakland CA 94607

Based on classical yoga where postures are held in precise alignment, Hatha Flow builds strength and internal resources to prepare for a more advanced practice.

This class supports and empowers students to move toward challenging practices such as arm balances, inversions, complex standing poses, and deep backbends. Participants are encouraged to balance effort and surrender, in order to progress safely and sustainably.

Class ends with extended deep relaxation, breathing practice, and meditation for healing and integration.

This is a mixed level class with variations to accommodate students of all levels.